Pricing Guidelines For Your Event

Wedding Events :

Wedding Reception Prices are based on an average time line of 4 hours that includes ALL emcee work, all music production, formal introductions, toasts, the cake cutting and all special dances. All venues are different in size and acoustics and require different audio setups. For details on what works best for you and the venue where your event is taking place, please call the office. All couples are always given a choice of lighting effects to choose from with detailed explanations during negotiations.

Wedding Ceremony - $250.00:

Includes - All rehearsal time involved, music and sound system support for the ceremony, a wireless lapel microphone for the officiant conducting the ceremony, any extra needed mics for soloists, and additional direction/coordination of the ceremony if needed. Enlisted and active military personnel receive a $100.00 ceremony discount.

I do more than just weddings!

Corporate & Company Events

Depending on the size of the event (number of people in attendance), length of the event (total time involved for planning and performing) and lighting packages chosen, corporate and company parties have a starting price tag of ($650.00) Six Hundred Fifty Dollars. This price includes - (2) Speakers (size dependant on the venue), (1) Small subwoofer, (1) Primary Audio Console, and a basic complement of lighting. This system should be considered for gatherings with less than 200 people in attendance. Keep in mind that company parties can involve lots of add-ons such as door prizes, hats, noise-makers, inter-active and team-building events, etc.

High School Proms are ALWAYS given the LARGE LIGHT SHOW & LARGE (nightclub) AUDIO SYSTEM. The addition of a video projector and screen are negotiable. The majority of Proms cost a minimum of ($1000.00) one-thousand dollars due to being very labor intensive with lengthy set-up times.Proms & Weddings are the MOST expensive events I contract for and are priced accordingly. Birthdays, Pool Parties, Bar/Nightclub gigs and College Fraternity/Sorority parties require less intensive set-up/planning and are a little less time consuming than the aforementioned so do not cost as much. The majority of these events start at ($300.00) Three Hundred dollars and increase in accordance with the amount of lighting effects and event interactivity desired.


If your event doesn't require all the bells and whistles normally associated with the events described above and you wish to stay on a budget, I now have a small sound system FOR RENT that would be perfectly suited for any event that has between 50 and 100 people in attendance. This is also the same system I use for most wedding ceremonies.

This system includes:

  • 1 Powered Mixer with 4 Mic Inputs
  • 2 bookshelf speakers
  • 2 Speaker tri-pods
  • All necessary cables for hooking up an iPod, iPad or laptop and all necessary power cords
  • Your choice of available microphones

This system is very popular and stays rented most weekends due to its low rental rate. I'll bring the system to your event venue, give you a short tutorial on how to use it, set it up prior to your event and collect it the next day. Please call the office at 336-293-6774 to inquire about this system. A refundable security deposit will be required for rental.